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The coursebook contains themes that reflect the Core Elements of the National Policy of Education
The workbook provides useful additional language practice
The literary reader encourages critical and extensive reading
The teacher's book enables the teacher to plan and use the corresponding books
The audio CDs provide rich learning experience for the students
The course comprises the following components
1. Primers A and B and Coursebooks 1 to 8

A primary objective of the course is to hone the learners’ reading skills and to provide them with a rich reading experience. The coursebooks contain folktales, stories, legends, translations of writings in Indian languages, plays, poems, interviews, biographical and autobiographical writings, and expository texts that have a distinct native flavour.

2. Workbooks 1 to 8
The Workbook is a vital resource for users of Skyline. It plays three significant roles: a curricular complement to the Coursebook, a language practice book, and an examination aid. Every unit in the Coursebook has a corresponding worksheet in the Workbook.
3. Literature Readers 1 to 8
The Literature Readers are an intrinsic component of the Skyline package. They are designed to sharpen learners’ interpretative skills and to provide them a valuable literary experience through a range of literary genres like fiction, poetry, drama and biography.
4. Teacher’s Kit Primer 1 to 8

The Skyline Teacher’s Kit contains teacher’s books, listening CDs as also some activities and flash cards. The kits are designed to provide the teacher with a reliable and practical tool in the classroom.

5. Audio CDs
The audio CDs for classes Primer-8 contain listening material of the finest quality.
  Learning Resources
ELT Articles
Creative Writing
Class Assignments
English as a life skill
Strategies that Work
Creative Poetry Writing
Dictionary & Study Skills
Reading Comprehension
The Power of Quotations
Learning Grammar without the Hammer

The eye catching illustrations, the appealing layout, and the generous size are intended to place the Skyline series at the centre of a vibrant English classroom.
The Skyline Team
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